A Royal Pain: the Musical Performance Pack

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A highly ridiculous musical, A Royal Pain is a medieval tale of Prince Daniel, who must find a bride in one week in order to become king. Enter evil Royal Advisor, some rat-princesses, a crazy nurse, and a beautiful but sassy baker who may just unintentionally win the Prince’s heart. And it’s all narrated by two medieval rock-stars.

Zip file includes script, melody lead sheet music, practice tracks (mp3 files), and performance tracks (mp3 files).


The Black Plague (Band)

     Sir Edward Von Jagger - Medieval rock-star narrator 

     Anvil Latrine - Medieval rock-star narrator

          Band member 1

          Band member 2

          Band member 3

Prince Daniel - A great warrior who lacks experience with women 

Rose - The town baker. Attractive yet jaded

Derek - Daniel's best friend and all around ladies man

Rufas - The evil Royal Advisor

Spigot Breath - Rufas's minion. Transforms into a beautiful woman 

King - Wise, kind, old, and senile

Maude - King and Daniel's nurse and caretaker. Saucy and versatile. 

Rat Princesses

     Sibyl- Very needy

     Gabby- Talks all the time 

     Muriel- Dirty and sloppy 

     Stella- A diva

     Hildegarde- Has man-hands

Royal Counselors 

     Counselor 1 

     Counselor 2 

     Counselor 3

Back-Up Ladies 

     Back-up 1 

     Back-up 2 

     Back-up 3



Story About Love


What I Needed

The Good King Is Dead

You Can't Rule Alone

Skin Deep (Rufas)

Skin Deep

How To Woo Them All

All Over The World

Maybe This Is Different

Filler Song

Story About Love Reprise

Recipes and Pastries

I Can Change


What I Needed Reprise

Dougenland Finale

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Script, melody lead sheet music, practice and performance tracks

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A Royal Pain: the Musical Performance Pack

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