Uprooted: A Tooth Musical Performance Pack

Frankly Theatre Company
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This children's musical follows Cuspie, an adventurous bicuspid that escapes it's mouth to go see the world. Along the way, Cuspie encounters a gang of plaque, a groovy wisdom tooth, and a whitening salesman, all the while trying to avoid the clutches of an obsessive Tooth Fairy. All parts can be played by either boys or girls and can be split up to accommodate more actors.

Zip file includes script, piano score, practice tracks (mp3 files), and performance tracks (mp3 files).


Life Of A Tooth

Plaque Attacks

The Greatest Treasure

Where You Used To Be

My Collection

Absolute, Better Bright Whitening


Hard Foods

Life Of A Tooth Finale


Cuspie - An adventurous bicuspid that escapes it’s mouth. 

Bac and Teria - A Plaque Gang

Wisdo - A wisdom tooth

Tooth fairy

-Minions (optional)

Inci - An Incisor

Swindly - A whitening salesperson

Old man/woman

Chorus/Other Teeth

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Script, score, practice and performance tracks

67.5 MB

Uprooted: A Tooth Musical Performance Pack

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