I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

Frankly Theatre Company
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Cast: 6 males, 4 females + ensemble

Run time: Approximately 90 minutes

This comedic yet emotional play follows Quin, an ex-convict, who is mandated to be a Salvation Army bell ringer in the days leading up to Christmas. Through his interaction with various characters, he experiences frustration, forgiveness, love and miracles. 

This is the full script of the play.


Quin - Male, 20-30. An ex-convict who begins the show unkept and uncaring and gradually brightens on the inside and out as the show progresses.

Millie - Female, 70-90. Sharp, witty, faithful, and bold.

Tom - Male, 40-55. Jolly (almost a Santa Claus type character), kind, insightful.

Frank - Male, 40-60. A policeman and Quin’s parole officer. Strict yet playful. 

Nancy - Female, 20-30. Attractive and very personable.

Hank - Male, 60-80. Grumpy and bitter.

Jillian - Female, 4-10. Inquisitive and innocent.

Young Man - Male, 13-20. Tries to steal kettle. (No lines) 

Karen - Female, 25-40. A flustered mother.

Zach - Male, 20-60. A kind but forceful atheist. 

Carolers/Store Customers

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I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

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