A Conscious Effort: a one-act play

Frankly Theatre Company
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A humorous and poignant exploration of one’s sense of right and wrong. Luke converses with his conscience in a hole-in-the-wall diner as he contemplates his upcoming marriage and relives some of his more significant romantic memories. A dry waitress and a rambunctious ex-girlfriend add wit and charm to this heartfelt comedy. The art of talking to oneself is taken to a whole new level, as the interaction between the main character and… the main character is played out in a clever, slapstick, and sometimes serious portrayal of internal conflict. 

This is the full script of the one-act play. 


LUKE - late 20s-early 30s. Conflicted, easily persuaded, but good-natured

CONSCIENCE - Luke’s conscience. Pushy, practical, slightly annoying

WAITRESS - Constant and dry

KATHY - Fun loving, spontaneous, passionate

KATHY’S CONSCIENCE - More spontaneous, more passionate

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  • Length
    22 pages
  • Size144 KB
  • Length22 pages
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A Conscious Effort: a one-act play

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