Stage Fright: the Musical Performance Pack

Frankly Theatre Company
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Cast: Flexible. 1-12+
Run time: Approximately 90 minutes

Stage Fright is a rambunctious, free-style musical addressing all the ways in which one encounters and overcomes fear; from being afraid of the dark to fear of commitment and much more. Originally written as a one-woman musical, this show can accommodate a cast of one, ten, or anything in between and beyond. While the cast is flexible, this version is written for 5 actors; 3 females and 2 males. The script and music are adaptable for more or less. 

Zip file includes script, piano score, practice tracks (mp3 files), and performance tracks (mp3 files).


Stage Fright

Baby Steps

Is This Seat Taken?

Afraid Of The Dark Blues

They Say

I Might Wet Myself

Is This Heart Taken?

I Have A Voice

Dialing, Ringing, Holding, Dying

Social Roller Coaster

Afraid Of Commitment

I Like It

I Won't Lie

Baby Steps Reprise

I Don't Care If You Hate Me

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Script, score, practice and performance tracks

97.6 MB

Stage Fright: the Musical Performance Pack

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