How to be Human: A Monster Musical Performance Pack

Frankly Theatre Company
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Cast: 7 males, 9 females

Run Time: Approximately 2 hours

A group of monsters who are studying humans are thrilled when two high school students accidentally stumble into their classroom. Zombie love songs, monster-human relations, and delightful twists abound in this musical comedy about appreciating yourself just the way you are.

Zip file includes script, melody lead sheet music, practice tracks (mp3 files), and performance tracks (mp3 files).


Abigail- brainiac, over stressed, perfectionist, practical, does not deviate, thrives on normality

Julian- left of center teenage boy. Always dreaming, geeky, gawky, obsessed with other-worldly thingsĀ 

Witch Wilhelmina- teacher of the "how to be human" school. Eccentric, dry, rough around the edges, heart of gold

Cecil - a cyborg; depressed, dopey, hopeless

Daisy- a Sasquatch; prissy, extremely girly, high maintenance, pink

Boyd- an abominable snowman; manly, charming, hairy

Veronica- a vampire; attractive, deceitful

Belinda- a banshee; soulful, sassy

Todd- a zombie

Earl- half-zombie, half-gnome

George- a zombie

Ralph- Frankenstein; surprisingly well-mannered and smart

Helena- a werewolf; feisty, rudy

Caroline, Martha, Dot - minions


How To Be Human

The Humans Are Here

All Of You

I Will Excel

Average, Everyday, Abnormal Teenager

Boy, You Better Be Careful

Covered In Hair

You Might Lurk

Makes Me Wanna Wail

Covered In Hair Reprise

No One Loves A Cyclops

Average, Everyday, Abnormal Teenager Reprise

Hannibal Lecter

Does That Make Me A Monster?

Average, Everyday, Abnormal Teenager Finale

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Script, score, practice and performance tracks

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How to be Human: A Monster Musical Performance Pack

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